Pizza lunch on the terrace table facing the street in Sevilla
Pizza lunch on the terrace table facing the street, Ristorante Essme, Sevilla, Spain

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Pubs and Restaurants around the world stopped by during the journey, also Central Asia and Africa

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Sevilla, Pizza lunch on the terrace table facing the street Copenhagen, Café Glyptoteket in the courtyard of Ny Carlsberg Khiva, Uzbek cuisine at Tea house Mirza Boshi Casablanca Beer in Casablanca Zambezi, Bar counter glowing in the evening Zambezi, Jumbo sausages Budapest, Hamburger at the stylish restaurant Congo, Simmered delicious fish in the town of Mira Mira Morocco, Cat devouring a nap Nairobi, Fish and chips Swakopmund's happy fish and chips Istanbul, The Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia Angola, SUPER BOCK after bad road in hell Lope, Fish lunch at La maison mère Beach house Oasis, Morito, Hayama Pointe-Noire, Beer NGOK after no shower for a long time Cappadocia, Efes Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania: Laptop lunches Chamonix, Lovely table of a ice cream shop Budapest, Vegetable bicycle Bucharest, Enjoy Romanian cuisine Leh Ladakh, Beer to drink at an altitude of 3,500 meters Cameroon, Extremely spicy fish curry Samarkand, Breakfast on the roof terrace with a superb view of the World Heritage Sites Oludeniz, Yellow paraglider flying by the sea Qom, Iranian nice coffee Elmina, Travel rules Marsabit, Breakfast Bishkek, Obama Cafe Song Kol Lake, Inspiring welcome tea! Tashkent, Dinner at Bistro Chernaya Koshka Zanzibar, Fish dinner Zanzibar, Pizza lunch at Mercury's Bar Luxor, Fish dinner at a stylish restaurant Lisboa, Fish lunch, Miradouro Santa Luzia Sevilla, Pizza lunch on the terrace table Cape Town, Seagull landing